I’ll be the first to admit that I was worried when I heard that The Morning Benders were taking on a new name and a whole new sound.  Having fallen in love with Big Echo, one of the first records that really resonated with my life, an intersection of time and place. Furthermore, I had never identified with the 90’s R&B that the band loved. Yet, I have to give credit to Chris Chu and the band as their first single “Keep It For Your Own” from their upcoming self-titled POP ETC features that  tender songwriting intact, with clever hooks and the catchy recording experimentation that made Big Echo such a fun album to listen to. It’s produced by Dangermouse and you can grab the track on iTunes

Preorder the album from Rough Trade.


Even if you weren’t lucky enough to be growing up in the 80’s, “Vicki” by The Tins off of their upcoming debut (which was funded by a Kickstarter pledge) The Moon Doesn’t Last for Long will give you that dream. The song stars with some garage riffing before the song envelops you in its bittersweet organ and driving guitar lines. There’s hooks a plenty here and the tongue in cheek bridge bears repeating. Can’t wait to hear the full album, but for now you can stream “Vicki” below. Can’t get enough

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