After seeing Javelin play live at my school last Friday, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that they didn’t play this song, which is quite possibly their best and easily my favorite.  I’m not usually one for instrumentals, especially in a genre thats not jazz, but the retro meets other-worldly flavor of “Intervales Theme” makes it a song that bears repeat. However The Hood Internet took this original and made it even better with the famous C.R.E.A.M. Theme, done for Anatomy Magazine.  Check out the original and the remix below.

Intervales Theme- Javelin

C.R.E.A.M. Theme- Wu Tang Clan x Javelin


A Winter’s Funk: A Playlist

This week im featuring a funky danceable  playlist that incorporates both old and new and hopes to keep those holiday spirits alive through the cold weather. To the older folks out there this mix is more geared towards the younger types, but theres plenty of classics thrown in that you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed for many years. So without further ado, the mix after the jump.

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A Mixtape Monday Presentation: Summer Daze

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This weeks mix comes out as a mixtape should, i.e. its meant to be played in the order presented, treat it like its a CD, the tracks are in their order for a reason.  This one is yet another summer inspired mix with an eclectic range of musicians and styles, and toeing the line between both retro and modern, all the artists are great, and if you like them, support them.  And let me know what you think of the mix, leave me a comment.  But without further ado, your mix ladies and gents, after the jump.

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