The National- Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers

In honor of Irene, here’s the gorgeous “90-Mile Water Wall” from The National’s second LP Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers.

Download It Here:

90-Mile Water Wall- The National 


It’s been a while but Art of The Mixtape is back in action with a mixtape for these good old summer days whether its lying on a beach, grilling dinner, or just relaxing in your own home, these grooves should put you in the perfect mood for the summer months.  This mixtape features classics from artists like George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon, Little Feat, Bob Marley, and Miles Davis, as well as some artists you may not have heard of. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes.

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Campfire Goes Electric: Campfire Songs Vol. 2, A Mixtape

I had so much fun making the last Campfire Songs Mixtape that I decided to make another one. Both retro and modern with that warm familial feeling that makes a campfire so fun to be around. As always, the mixtape is free but feel free to support all the artists by buying their albums. To download a song just right-click the song link after the description, hope you enjoy.  The full mixtape after the jump.

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Song of the Day: “Wake Up Your Saints”, The National

The National are usually more for reserved fare, their arrangements wide, the tone hushed, punctuated by articulate bursts of energy in their melodies.  The mood is usually kept in perfect syncopation by Berninger’s baritone musings, his lyrics styling a postmodern bent while channeling a Jack Kerouac muse.  However “Wake Up Your Saints” finds The National in a completely different mode.  The melody is bursting with a hopeful enthusiasm from the outset, with a bright piano punctuated by a fat baritone sax sound, and a upbeat back-beat.  Even Berninger is on the up and up, staying at the higher end of his register for the entirety.  This song is a wonderful addition to the National catalog, a sound that i had been quick to write them off of ever attempting.

Wake Up Your Saints- The National