Guestape: Pickin’ Phish

This next mixtape is a guest feature from a Phish fanatic.  In his mixtape debut  takes you with his colorful diction through his favorite Phish songs and why the Jam band is so legendary in its ability to switch from genre to genre and in its ability for its musicians to improvise over anything.  His mixtape after the jump.

Side note: Phish is a band that is founded on extended improv jams. Every song on this list, besides Dog Faced Boy, has improv. In fact, if you listened to other versions of any of these songs, say from another show, you would notice many subtle to drastic differences. These are some of my favorite versions of my favorite songs.


The opening song to Phish’s new years eve show from ’93. Everyone in the band slaughters the song. Sick drum intro, followed by an even better keyboard solo, then Trey brings it all together with a face-melting solo.


Run Like an Antelope-

Also from the NYE 93 show, Antelope is an extended improv jam with a few peaks.

Run Like an Antelope

The Landlady-

Recorded in ’93 with the Big Country Horns. One of my personal favorites, this song is 5 minutes of perfect improv.

The Landlady

Funky Bitch-

Trey took a riff from an Allman Brother’s song, added a little improv and Funky Bitch was born. If you’re looking for some great keyboard/guitar solos, then this will surely satisfy you.

Funky Bitch

My Soul-

Like Funky Bitch, My Soul was recorded during the legendary 4 night run in ’98 dubbed “The Island Tour”. My Soul is similar to Funky Bitch in that they both showcase Trey and Page’s ability to fuck everyone’s face musically.

My Soul

Chalkdust Torture-

An energetic song with a solid jam led by Trey.

Chalkdust Torture

Auld Lang Syne-

Recorded on NYE ’93, the band played this tune right as the ball dropped on midnight.

Auld Lang Syne

Down With Disease jam-

Played right after Auld Lang Syne, this is easily one of Phish’s best jams ever. Believe it or not, it’s more or less completely improv.

Down With Diesease Jam

Harry Hood-

Also from NYE ’93 (one of the best concerts of all time), this is a flawless execution of a Phish great. The jam begins with a beautiful Auld Lang Syne tease.

Harry Hood

Slave to the Traffic Light-

All around great song with one of my favorite jams ever. Trey absolutely shits on everyone at the end of his solo.

Slave to the Traffic Light

Wading in the Velvet Sea-

A slower song sung by Page. Trey’s solo is one of the top 5 best I’ve ever heard, easily.

Wading In The Velvet Sea

A pop song by Phish’s standards, but still an extremely good tune with yet another fantastic solo by Trey.


Divided Sky-

One of my personal favorites, Divided Sky is a true “space jam”.

Divided Sky


A staple in Phish’s musical catalog. The jam is ridiculously good. Believe it or not, the whole jam is completely improvised on the spot. Trey will rip your heart out with his solo.


You Enjoy Myself (A.K.A YEM)-

Phish’s most played song, this one is a real gem. 34 minutes of improv.

You Enjoy Myself

Billy Breathes-

Also from the Island Tour, this song has solid vocals and a great space jam.

Billy Breathes

Theme from the Bottom-

One of my favorites. This song is flawless throughout.

Theme From Bottom


A slower “space jam”.


The Lizards-

Part of Phish’s prog story, The Lizards is simply a good song.

The Lizards

Dog Faced Boy-

A slow acoustic song sung by Trey.

Dog Faced Boy

Dogs Stole Things-

It’s from the Island Tour so you know it’s awesome.

Dogs Stole Things

My Mind’s Got a Mind of Its Own-

A fun bluegrass cover. When it comes to bluegrass, Trey and Page usually have sick solos while Mike holds it down with the heavy bass. This was also recorded during the Island Tour.

My Mind’s Got A Mind of It’s Own

Ginseng Sullivan-

See above

Ginseng Sullivan

Beauty of my Dreams-


Beauty of My Dreams

Why You’ve Been Gone so Long-

Phish covers a bluegrass jam with members of the band who wrote it. Phish doesn’t really know the lyrics very well, but they kill the jam sections.

Why You’ve Been Gone So Long


From the same show as above. Phish jam out the Beatles classic. I personally like this version more than the original.

Obla-Di-Obla Da

Roses Are Free-

From the Island Tour. It’s a Ween cover that makes the original look bad.

Roses Are Free


Phish used to play shows on Halloween. During these marathon sets, the band would put on what they nicknamed “musical costumes”, where they would cover an album start to finish. This cover is from Halloween ’95, a great year in Phish history. It’s a good showcase of Trey’s flexibility.


Quinn The Eskimo-

Phish puts their own twist on the Bob Dylan original.

Quinn The Eskimo


A darker side of Phish. This song was written and sung by Mike, the bassist. This is a good example of his vocal ability and his the band’s goofiness.


Born Under Punches-

A Talking Heads cover from Halloween ’96.

Born Under Punches

Crosseyed and Painless-

Same as above

Crosseyed And Painless


Just a great tune all around.


Makisupa Policeman-

Trey said he wrote this tune back in grade school, and it’s still relevant. A relaxing, goofy, reggae tune with a nice little space jam.

Makisupa Policeman


The band brings the phunk.


Sneakin Sally Thru The Alley-

A great funky cover.

Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley


More funk.



The opener to the Island Tour, Tube is an accurate precursor to the musical domination that would follow in the next 3 days.



One of the last songs of The Island Tour. The song Cavern actually doesn’t even start till about 6 minutes in. Everything before that is just an improved funk jam sesh.



The final song in the band’s record setting 7 and a half hour set. They played from a little before midnight on NYE ’99, and ended the set once the sun had risen the next day, 1/1/2000. Mike absolutely goes to town on the bass while Trey shatters everyone’s soul with his magical solo.


Sleeping Monkey-

Also from the Island Tour. A good example of how Phish can be goofy while still being the best live band of all time.

Sleeping Monkey


The only song in this playlist (besides Dog Faced Boy) that has almost no improv. It was an encore on the first night of the Island Tour. I feel it’s a good way to close things. The song has a few peaks, the last of which is absolutely soaring.



2 thoughts on “Guestape: Pickin’ Phish”

  1. Dude, this is the shit, good job, I’ve been thinking that we should do something like combine our music selections and come out with some bangin radio station. Would be pretty sick.

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