Dancin’ With Dabrowski: Prepping for Lollapalooza

Art of the Mixtape welcomes back the guest feature Dancin’ With Dabrowski where John has taken the time to put together a playlist of the acts to watch at the festival this year, his playlist after the jump.

With a name like Lollapalooza, it’s no wonder that the Chicago music festival is known for its rambunctious acts and unstoppable energy. Held at Grant Park from August 6th-8th, this year’s line up is a feast of talent – from indie darlings Arcade Fire to punk rockers Green Day, and yes, even some Gaga – it won’t leave you hungry for more. You might just explode.

To get you ready for this festival, I have concocted a Lolla 2010 Mix. Essential bands you MUST see and hear and feel and dance to. Enjoy these kickass tunes and wear them like summertime clothes

I am sure even Oprah is going to attend this lovely soiree.

The Strokes – Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men

Is this it? Is this real? Yes, The Strokes are back! One of the bands I am most excited about for Lollapalooza – The Strokes have really captured a spirit and a swagger in their sounds. This track, with features our favorite Regina Spektor, is one of my favorites. Get ready to be swept away by Julian’s rugged voice.

Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men (f. Regina Spektor)- The Strokes

Arcade Fire – Ready To Start

There are no words to describe the dynasty that is Arcade Fire. Some of the most beautiful anthems have been created by this wonder group, and with the upcoming arrival of their new album, The Suburbs, Arcade Fire will seize the throne for most played on many iTunes playlist. “Ready To Start” is heartbreaking yet warm, and definitely expands on the group’s impressive catalogue.

Ready To Start- Arcade Fire

The National – Anyone’s Ghost

High Violet is definitely an album that has been stuck on repeat since its release. There is such a sophistication in each song’s being. I feel like this is the most personal and honest album I have heard for 2010. “Anyone’s Ghost” is a standout on High Violet, and really bares its bones and face and body to its audience.

Anyone’s Ghost- The National

Hot Chip – She Wolf

Who else can cover Shakira better than Hot Chip? Known for their live set, Hot Chip will have you all sweaty and shrieking for more. Put on some face paint, get muddy, and dance your ass off along with Hot Chip! You will not regret it.

She Wolf (Shakira Cover)- Hot Chip

Yeasayer – I Remember

I remember when I saw Yeasayer this past May in NYC, and I felt like they were glowing on stage. Their sound was so tight, so clean, and I was carried into the swell of each song. Their album, Odd Blood, will make your skin crawl with how ridiculously awesome it is. Be prepared.

I Remember- Yeasayer

Phoenix – Consolation Prize

Ah, yes, Phoenix. This French band has captured so many, and after years playing fantastic music, they are finally recognized as a force in the music world. “Consolation Prize” is off “It’s Never Been Like That”, and is unbelievably catchy. Spit out your lies and chewing gum. Phoenix said so.

Consolation Prize- Phoenix

Frightened Rabbit – The Twist

Slowing things down, Frightened Rabbit has a sound that will stop you and stun you and will make you cry wherever you are. “The Twist” is one of those songs that will grab you, and take you to that vulnerable place. See Frightened Rabbit if you are looking to be amazed by a band with much talent and fervor.

The Twist- Frightened Rabbit

The Soft Pack – Down On Loving

The Soft Pack creates music that automatically transmits you into good feelings. I immediately think of summer, of scandals, of lost loves, of adventures. The Soft Pack is all of these things and more.

Down On Loving- The Soft Pack

Wavves – King Of The Beach

Sadly, I am not seeing Waaves tonight in my home state, but their latest singles, “King Of The Beach” and “Post Acid” show the band’s poppier sounds, and really has much more mature and accessible approach than their days of “so bored”. Always full of drama and controversy and buzz, Waaves will having you coasting on their high notes.

King Of The Beach- Wavves

HEALTH – U.S.A. Boys

Very, very fine electronic music is made by HEALTH. It will have you lost in each note, and transcended into a place you never thought existed. I can only imagine the power of their set at Lollapalooza.


Matt & Kim – Cutdown

I have seen Matt & Kim so much over these past few years, that I feel like I know this lovely couple. Full of handclaps, shouts, and raw spunk, Matt & Kim are just known for their live set. GO!

Cutdown- Matt & Kim

The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You

My knee is starting to bend, and my foot is definitely tapping. Of course, The Black Keys is on. There is something so frantic and so classic about their tunes that entraps and tangles you into their abyss of awesome.

Howlin’ For You- The Black Keys

This is only a sliver of the talent at Lolla 2010 this year. See for yourself!
Purchase tickets and see the line-up further at http://www.lollapalooza.com/


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