Guestape: Pickin’ Phish

This next mixtape is a guest feature from a Phish fanatic.  In his mixtape debut  takes you with his colorful diction through his favorite Phish songs and why the Jam band is so legendary in its ability to switch from genre to genre and in its ability for its musicians to improvise over anything.  His mixtape after the jump.

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Guestape: Summer Lovin’ Torture Party

Art of the Mixtape is proud to feature a guest mixtape from Pete Willett.  While not rooting and endlessly researching The Yankees; Pete enjoys playing ridiculous amounts of jazz guitar (Pat Metheny is an unfortunate favorite) and being inspired by the non-sequitur lyrics of Matt Berninger, 80’s pop, and plenty of 90’s and 2000’s melodramatic music.  I kid, sort of, but here’s his mixtape after the jump.

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