Guestape: Summer Lovin’ Torture Party

Art of the Mixtape is proud to feature a guest mixtape from Pete Willett.  While not rooting and endlessly researching The Yankees; Pete enjoys playing ridiculous amounts of jazz guitar (Pat Metheny is an unfortunate favorite) and being inspired by the non-sequitur lyrics of Matt Berninger, 80’s pop, and plenty of 90’s and 2000’s melodramatic music.  I kid, sort of, but here’s his mixtape after the jump.

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A (Belated) Mixtape Monday: More Nutrients Than A Can of Soup

Sorry Ladies and Gents, I’ve been in a music blog funk as of late but i’ve got some great tunes lined up for you so sit back, relax, and enjoy.  This week features some great lost versions of Beatle songs, some great live performances from the likes of The Allman Brothers Band, and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, as well as the lost soul of O.V. Wright, the smooth Philadelphia sound of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, the eclectic sound collaging of Barton Fink, the crooning of Lou Rawls, Paul McCartney teamed up with Elvis Costello, as well as some great numbers from Lyle Lovett, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Beck, and Radiohead.  If you dig it, support the artists.  The full mixtape after the jump

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New Mix For the New Year

Merry Xmas people and happy new year, here’s a new mix for you all

Sleigh Bells- Ring Ring

Camera Obscura- The Sweetest Thing

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down- When We Swam

Wild Light – New Hampshire

The Hold Steady- Hot Soft Light

John Vanderslice- Karma Police

The Hold Steady- How a Ressurection Really Feels

Jack Johnson- My Doorbell (White Stripes)

Bruce Springsteen- Jingle Bell Rock

Joan as Police Woman- Ringleader Man

Peculiar Gentleman- Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) (Beyonce)

Vetiver- I Must Be in A Good Place Now (Bobby Charles)

Deer Tick- Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston)

Lee Fields and the Expressions- Last Ride

Camera Obscura- Tougher than the Rest (Bruce Springsteen)

Al Green- I Want to Hold Your Hand (The Beatles)

The Eels- I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

Jack Johnson & G. Love- Holiday/ Who Do You Love Medley (Madonna/ Bo Diddley)

Vetiver- Everyday

Clare and the Reasons- That’s All

New Music Sunday! Vol. II- Voxtrot, The xx, Coconut Records


Voxtrot sounds like its a band that didn’t forget the eighties.  But this isn’t a bad thing, rather they come off as the Smith’s heir apparent, with dashes of The Strokes thrown in.  Ear candy for the music fan who wishes more bands were like The Smiths, and ear candy for the music fan that loves a good early Motown meets classic pop melody.

The Start of Something

the warm somewhat unclearly recorded vocals only makes this song more endearing, and it does give you that warm feeling of starting to fall in love, euphoric.

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives

Excellent transition from a reverbed opening into clanging chords, great guitar and drum work on here and just goes to show the bands ability to stretch their style.

Kid Gloves

Yet another variation and undeniably catchy

Berlin, Without Return

This song stands up to some of Spoons best, great build, great arrangment, simple and beautiful

The xx

The xx is a very intriguing band in the way they develop their songs, arrangements play a huge role in what makes them good, and the dual female and male lead singers only help their cause

Basic Space

theres a lot of space in the arrangement as the title might suggest, and the harmony betweeen Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft is sublime.  Croft has a beautiful achy voice that just cuts right into you


Ever wonder what it would sound like if Thom Yorke had a female counterpart to sing with in Radiohead, I do, and this gives you a little glimpse.

Heart Skipped A Beat

It’s amazing they manage to take drum loops and make them sound like they fit nowhere else but in their songs, and this is a great duet

Coconut Records

Coconut Records is the brainchild of actor Jason Schwartzman, yes that actor who played that annoying kid in Rushmore and is also known for playing drums for ‘that band that played the theme song to The O.C.‘ (Phantom Planet). Don’t let that dissuade you though, Schwartzman has a knack for crafting pop melodies, and he plays all the instruments on the record as well.  Think of  Elliot Smith except more upbeat.  Schwartzman fully deserves to be recognized as a musician and an actor, not an actor/musician, because there is a difference.


Off of Davy, his latest release, this song mocks his fame as a musician, and its got a great melody to boot

Saint Jerome

Somehow Schwartzman came upon the perfect meld of sound between his voice, guitar and piano, sure the arrangement is nothing groundbreaking but it sounds fresh in his hands


He certainly has his own sound but his knack for making great pop melodies reminds me of Paul McCartney and thats not a stretch

West Coast

Off of his first album Nighttiming, everything about this song is perfect from the synthesizer to the organic backing instruments to his beautiful background harmonies.