Heartache, Heartbreak


1. One Rainy Wish- Jimi Hendrix

One Rainy Wish- Jimi Hendrix

2. Back To Where I Started- Derek Trucks Band

Back Where I Started- Derek Trucks Band

3.  Promises- Eric Clapton

Promises- Eric Clapton

4. Caught by the River- Doves

Caught by the River- Doves

5. Every Night- Paul McCartney

Every Night- Paul McCartney

6. So You’re Leaving- Al Green

So You’re Leaving- Al Green

7. Jealous Guy- Donny Hathaway

Jealous Guy- Donny Hathaway

8. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)- Otis Redding

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)- Otis Redding

9. Love In Vain- The Rolling Stones

Love In Vain- The Rolling Stones

10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman- Derek and the Dominoes

Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Live)- Derek And the Dominoes

11. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart- Al Green

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart- Al Green

12. Baby, Baby, Baby- Aretha Franklin

Baby, Baby, Baby- Aretha Franklin

13. I Want You- Bruce Springsteen

I Want You- Bruce Springsteen

14. Burning of the Midnight Lamp- Jimi Hendrix

Burning of the Midnight Lamp- Jimi Hendrix

15. Layla- Derek and the Dominoes

Layla- Derek and the Dominoes

16. This Love of Mine- Frank Sinatra

This Love Of Mine- Frank Sinatra

17. Breakin Up- G. Love

Breakin Up- G. Love

18. Oh Darling- The Beatles

Oh! Darling- The Beatles

19. In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning- Frank Sinatra

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning- Frank Sinatra


Mixtape Monday: Something in the Night When Young Hearts Run Free

This time around on the Mixtape Monday we got more of those summery feeling songs from the likes of some classics (Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Sam Cooke, Bonnie Raitt, The Beatles) to some modern standbys (Jack Johnson, The Shins, Ben Harper) as well as some good up and comers, (Dirty Projectors, Dr. Dog, Willy Mason, Lady Antebellum, Futurebirds, The Swell Season, Johnathan Rice, Cass McCombs) all free, all for you and if you like the artists, buy their stuff.  The mixtape after the jump.

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Tuesday Virtuoso Series Volume 1

This will be a weekly series documenting musicians I feel are virtuoso’s of their craft whether it be singing, guitar, bass, piano, or drums.  This week features; John Butler Trio, Derek Trucks Band, G. Love and Special Sauce, and Jon Cleary.

John Butler Trio- Guitar

John Butler Trio hails from Australia, where they have been making their unique roots style rock for over a decade.  John Butler started out as a musician busking on the streets and soon got notice for his unique playing style.  Featuring some of the longest fingernails you will ever see as well as an electric acoustic guitar, John Butler gets a unique sound out of his instrument and is fantastic to see live, if not better than his studio recordings.  Ocean, one of the tracks featured is probably his most famed instrumental, a climactic build up on guitar that is amazing to the eyes and the ears assisted only at times by his drummer, but most of the piece is purely just him alone with his guitar.  Betterman has the full ensemble that features a great hook and a great groove.  Butler is a good singer as well, which makes his fantastic guitar playing that more special given he can aptly handle both tasks. Both these tracks are taken from the fantastic Live at St. Gallen, a concert recorded in France, and as he says at the beginning of Ocean “It seems all the more fitting when I leave home and play countries that I dont speak the language because I’d really like to converse with you but I’m just stupid so music’s the best way and maybe music without words takes it even further so this is my gift, this is my conversational piece to you.” Well said.  Lastly I included a cover of Across the Universe.  He isn’t the first to do it but he succeeds where others failed, Rufus Wainwright was too bombastic and Fiona Apple too strange, he takes his strengths and doesn’t try to make the song what it isn’t.  A true musician.



Across the Universe

Derek Trucks Band- Guitar/ Band ensemble

It’s not a stretch to compare the Derek Trucks Band to the Allman Brothers Band, not just because Derek Trucks is the son of Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks, and frequently guests with the Allman Brothers during live shows but also that they’ve taken up the mantle of that warm bluesy jazz meets southern rock sounds.  They aren’t a typical jam band in the format of Phish and the Grateful Dead but they possess a much warmer sound than either and each solo isn’t overdone, rather it supplements the piece with beautiful understatement.  Make no mistake, Derek Trucks is one of the best guitarists on the planet today, if not the best slide guitarist, Trucks plays with his fingers and thumbs giving him a thicker tone and making it even all the more impressive when he rips into solos.  But most importantly he’s a fantastic ensemble player, something that hasn’t really been seen since the Allman Brothers were in their hey day.  Yet DTB doesn’t feature two guitarists, so he carries the duties of rhythm and lead. These tracks come from their fantastic live album Live at Georgia Theatre.

Gonna Move

Leaving Trunk

Feel So Bad

Freddie’s Dead (Curtis Mayfield Cover)

G. Love and Special Sauce-  Rhythm section

Forget the hype of them being the first to mix hip hop and blues, G. Love and Special Sauce deserve their due in their fantastic grooves, Jeffery “Houseman” Clemens, and Jeffery “Jimi Jazz” Prescott create a unique busy rhythm section with their respective New Orleans styled drumming and upright jazz bass playing.  The Things That I Used to Do, the debut track off of their debut album features possibly the best bass and drumming grooving interplay of the 90’s.  Rhyme for the Summertime, also off their debut  features some great hi-hat work and a nice mellow bass groove, and on the fantastic This Ain’t Living they tone it down perfectly, for all those times you’ve heard the words “This is the true hip-hop” well this is what truly is the real hip hop.  Stepping Stone features great dynamic interplay and changing tempos, Lay Down the Law features another perfect mellow rhythmic backdrop and some well placed tuneful whistling.  You Shall See features a very busy rhythm section with some great dynamic tempo changes.  No Turning Back is reminiscent of The Things That I Used to Do in the great drum opening and fantastic upright bass and drums interplay throughout.  Do It For Free opens with a great little bass solo before segueing into another busy yet tasteful rhythmic groove.  On all these tracks, G. Love also proves an apt rhythm guitarist, putting the chord changes into perfect sync with his rhythm section counterparts.

The Things That I Used to Do

Rhyme for the Summertime

This Ain’t Livin’

Stepping Stone

Lay Down the Law

You Shall See

No Turning Back

Do It For Free

Jon Cleary- Piano

Jon Cleary hails from New Orleans and his piano playing is probably the best the area features today (sorry Dr. John).  He has an excellent backing band as well, named the Absolute Monster Gentleman, who when present provide perfect accompaniment, but its an absolute ear dazzling wonder to hear Jon Cleary let loose on the piano.  Whether it be the dramatic piano rolls at the beginning of People Say (a funky Meter’s classic ) the fantastic blues playing in Port Street Blues, or the absolutely mind blowing solo on When U Get Back. He isn’t afraid of mixing styles either, he plays a fantastic Latin style, as evidenced on Oh No No No and, well the solo on When U Get Back. Jon Cleary at times can sound equal parts Michael McDonald and Lyle Lovett when it comes to his singing but its his piano playing that is utterly fantastic.

People Say

Port Street Blues

When U Get Back

Oh No No No